Starring in “Game Over!” For LIC One Act Festival!

Can a suicidal CEO be talked down off the ledge by a stoner security guard?  

Come find out at The Secret Theatre’s LIC One Act Festival!  

Written by Matt Silver, Directed by Sarah M. Chichester


Mikael Short - Cybil

Matthew Dean Wood - Zeke  


Program B Performance Dates:  

July 12 @ 7pm

July 15th @ 7:30pm

July 21 @ 5:30pm

July 27 @ 9pm

July 31 @ 7pm

Tickets available at

The Movie That Started It All

The Movie That Started It All

AKA: Why Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies

Every actor has a moment or an experience that tells them that they want to be an actor. I’m sure everyone who has some dream or passion has that inciting moment. I don’t think I realized it at the time–heck I’m just barely realizing it now–but I think Beauty and the Beast was that one inciting moment for me.