Crimson Oppression – eBook


She suffers from a bloody addiction.
He’s a deadly accident waiting to happen.
Who will come out alive?

My debut novel!

A fictional young/new adult novel that explores facing your past sins and present demons head on, finding out who you really are and embracing those who are closest to you–by blood or otherwise.

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She’s lost her family. She faces a crippling addiction that can ruin her and everyone she knows. Infected with a genetic and vampiric Virus known as Cruorimatis, Cisandra runs away from home to a mountain town in Utah in an effort to quell her addiction and forget the sins she left behind. Her uncle, only a carrier of the Virus, conditionally agrees to take her in and assures her that no one with the Virus has ever come across the small town of Wilford.

However, in this town, Cisandra meets Owen. The high school senior who can’t explain why his body has thrown him into one death-defying accident after another, or why his family has so many problems. As he repairs his relationship with his mother, Owen’s whole sense of reality is thrown out of whack by Cisandra and the fact that a rare Virus is trying to kill him. A Virus he inherited from a man he’s never even met, but wants to know. Add to that a Mormon ex-girlfriend that can’t seem to shake him off, and Owen has his plate full.

Cisandra feels a responsibility to help Owen, even if it means facing her addiction head-on. And Owen can’t get the mysterious redhead out of his mind. In an unlikely fatal alliance, the two of them forge together to save Owen’s life. That is, if it can even be saved.

Sometimes blood isn’t always redder on the other side.

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