The Movie That Started It All

AKA: Why Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies Every actor has a moment or an experience that tells them that they want to be an actor. I’m sure everyone who has some dream or passion has that inciting moment. I don’t think I realized it at the time–heck I’m just barely … Read more

Love me some P!nk

This weekend I get to read stage directions for the staged reading of “True Love,” a new musical based around the music of rockstar P!nk. There’s even an article on Playbill about it (read it here!). Funny story how that happened… I first heard about this musical back in spring, when it was titled “Mean.” … Read more

Starring in The Favor!

Making my regional debut with The Favor–a dark comedy about a girl who goes out to the middle of nowhere to find that her sister has wreaked absolute chaos in the last few hours, and the only way out of this predicament is through their stomachs. It’s a riot and a blast to work on. I have … Read more

We’re worried about vaginas…

Did you know I was cast in a production of The Vagina Monologues? It performs this weekend, and I’m very much looking forward to it. First off, I’m blown away by the talent in the cast–13 women talking about vaginas in various capacities. This play challenges us to be open, to embrace our femininity and so … Read more

My First Cabaret in NYC!

The videos from my first cabaret are finally up! I’m so excited to be able to share them with you. This was my first singing performance in New York City for the Bitter Bitches Cabaret, part of JD Productions and the renowned Bound for Broadway Cabaret series. The show date was back in October and … Read more

Behind the Scenes of Snow White Zombie

Now you can watch some of the behind-the-scenes interviews, footage and some fight choreography from my first play in New York City! I made the video myself… do you like it?

Snow White Zombie was such a pleasure to be a part of. The cast and crew were really the best part, followed very closely by learning all the combat choreography. It was kind of cool to pretend to choke someone out and to have them punch me. Oh, and the baby maker, of course. You better watch the video above to know what I’m talking about for the baby maker. ;)

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity I had to perform for the Estrogenius Festival in this short play! Such a talented group that’s become something of a second family for me here in NYC, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

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I get to be Sleeping Beauty!

Only three weeks into my New York adventure… and I’ve been cast in a show! It only took three weeks. Sure, it’s not paid and the time commitment is minimal, but OH MY GOSH. I got cast in a play in New York, where I only know the teeniest, tiniest fraction of the entire city! … Read more

Review: Sort-of the Rings

Off Broadway Theatre’s ‘Sort-of the Rings’ provides humor of a sort by Rachel Brutsch, Deseret News The dark lord Sorry forged the ring but lost it in the laundry, and it ended up in the hands of a Hobbit named Elbow Baggins, says the lady Benadryl, played by Mikael Short, at the production’s start. She … Read more

Picking the Better

This year, I did something I never expected I’d do–I dropped out of a show. Now, before someone jumps down my throat and yanks out my vocal chords for ever doing such a thing, I can explain. First off, I was stoked to be cast in “The Sound of Music” at Centerpoint. I love the … Read more

Making Magic Happen

2014 is the year where I start to make my dreams come true. My big dream–head to New York and audition for Broadway (and hopefully star!). In order to do that, I’m starting a side voice over business so I can do work I enjoy from anywhere I like, and also set my own schedule … Read more

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