The 7 S’s of Happiness

AKA: Things to do every day to reclaim your sanity, boost your mood and actually be happy with life… and just maybe yourself, too. The moment I stepped outside my apartment building into the first 60 degree day all winter, the tears struck me. A rush of gratitude rushed over me as I breathed in … Read more

A Revealing 2017

AKA: Intentions, theme and ways of being for the new year Now that I’ve looked back at 2016 in awe and wonderment, it’s time to plant the seeds and set my plans and goals into motion for the year. Armed with a new and dandy Bullet Journal, my hope is to be more organized and … Read more

The Magic of 2016

AKA: A review of one of the most surprising years to date I cannot believe I’m here. A year ago, I was trying to see the ball drop–which I decided against this year because of the madness and cold of last year. Instead, it’s been a day of reviewing everything that’s happened this year–the joys, the … Read more

The Movie That Started It All

AKA: Why Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies Every actor has a moment or an experience that tells them that they want to be an actor. I’m sure everyone who has some dream or passion has that inciting moment. I don’t think I realized it at the time–heck I’m just barely … Read more

A NaNoWriMo Tarot Spread

AKA: I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year and I developed this spread to help it along. :) In case you don’t know already, November is National Novel Writing Month. One of my favorite months of the year! It’s where writers from all over aim to write 50,000 words (or a complete draft) of a novel in … Read more

It’s Not Our Right

Off with their heads! ~ Queen of Hearts See all the trouble you started? ~ The Mad Hatter Humans are not here for amusement or exploitation; we are all here to learn our respective lessons that our soul chose to experience in this life. We all appear different because it is in that state that … Read more

All Up Out of Alignment

AKA: Needing to recalibrate and take care of me to get where I want to go Ever since moving to New York, every few months or so, I feel a strong need to recalibrate. Something about how my own energy and intuition has opened up has allowed me to feel more acutely when things aren’t … Read more

Give Yourself a Break!

AKA: Gimme a break, gimme a break! Break me off a piece of that–Oh, wait. Not that kind of a break. (Even if it’s delicious.) Sometimes life will throw in something that forces you to take a breather. I’m in the middle of one. The swollen throat, dizziness, the constant need to nap… the usual … Read more

The Steps or the Staircase?

AKA: How you see and/or tackle a big dream In New York, stairs are a constant, whether you have a four-floor walk-up or have to walk the stairs like a madman to get to the right subway platform. However, how you tackle stairs may tell you more than just getting from point A to B. I started to notice … Read more

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