About Mikael

Hey there! My name is Mikael Short, and I’m a purveyor of stories–as an actress, singer and writer. I yearn to be a positive light with my talents and my stories. To make you smile. To help you get away from your own troubles if just for a few minutes. To inspire you to not only pursue your own dreams, but to live your best life and to not be afraid of finding the silver lining along the way. (I’m a sucker for silver linings. And all things silver actually.)

I’m notorious for quoting movies on the fly (followed promptly with, “Name that movie?!), singing without a song playing and dancing to whatever song is stuck in my head. Join in the fun with me, and we’ll be fast friends.

*i bang my own drum. some thing it’s noise; i think it’s pretty.*
I Am What I Am (La Cage aux Folles)

The Reader’s Digest Highlights:

My debut novel, Crimson Oppression, was released in 2015 as an eBook. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

My single, “He’s Not There,” is available for download, and my YouTube channel has quite the collection of performances.

stories & stages


My lot in life is in storytelling, especially through writing. You know it says something when you start to write one story, and a supporting character is an author so you end up drafting summaries of all of their novels they’ve written before the actual story I’m writing takes place. You follow? After writing story after story growing up, then switching from a Vocal Performance major in college to an English Literature major, there really was no denying that I was born to write so many stories. I couldn’t tell you all the ideas I have until I actually write them, and I intend on turning those stories into books. My debut novel, Crimson Oppression, was released in the fall of 2015. Stay updated on by joining my A-List here and also get some free goodies as soon as soon as you confirm your email address!


One of my other favorite means of storytelling is through the stage–music and acting, primarily. I was singing as I was learning to talk, and acting as soon as I started grade school. From voice and piano lessons, dance class, acting camps and beyond, I always knew I wanted to be performing in some capacity. Throughout my 20-something years, I’ve been able to perform across the United States, from my home state of Utah to my current home in New York City, California, Florida, Washington, Colorado, and even on the high seas for a talent show where I got a standing ovation as a 12-year-old singing “Memory” from Cats. My favorite stage to be on is musical theatre as it combines all my loves–music, stories, acting and dance–though I never run away from traditional straight theatre. If you’re a director or casting associate, here’s my headshot and resume to see if you think we could be a fit to work together to bring your story to life on stage. Want to follow my performing ventures? Be sure to join the A-List to get my email updates, as well as a free song download!

Random trivia about me:

~ I only buy new gaming systems when a new Pokemon game comes out. #pokemaster
~ One thing I’m dying to do is sing a movie theme song (like Celine Dion for Titanic) and perform at an awards ceremony.
~ My favorite foods are pizza and cookies… but I do enjoy eating well. Makes me feel good.
~ I studied abroad at Cambridge University in England for a summer in college, and it was the best thing ever… and I wrote an essay on Alice in Wonderland for it.
~ Other things I’m obsessed with: red square-paned British phone booths, lighthouses, swings and poles, spiced apple chai, leather-bound journals, etc.

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