A Revealing 2017

AKA: Intentions, theme and ways of being for the new year

Now that I’ve looked back at 2016 in awe and wonderment, it’s time to plant the seeds and set my plans and goals into motion for the year. Armed with a new and dandy Bullet Journal, my hope is to be more organized and aware of how my time and resources spent, while also honing in on what matters most to me. Let’s get to the juicy good stuff…

Theme for 2017:


It’s become blatantly clear in the last couple years that many facets of myself have felt more free to come forward. Curse of growing up in a very sheltered and conformist kind of state–I never felt free to be myself. Now it feels like is the time to show the world who I really am–to really step out and reveal all of me. If not to everyone, then to at least people I love and respect. To not be afraid to speak my truth, my experiences or the lessons I’m learning. I want to be so unapologetically me that it does ruffle feathers (and that thought sort of scares me–people-pleasing Libra here).

My hope is that, as I reveal more of myself, I’ll inspire others to uncover and reveal their true selves as well. I’ve heard that can be a thing–thank Marianne Williamson for that one.

After being called evasive and that I censor myself within 24 hours already this year by different people, I know that this is going to be  big one for me–both a challenge and a way for me to speak up, rather than sitting in the shadows and hoping things will turn out the way I want them to. It’s time to speak up, honor all of myself, and trust that by living more uncensored and uninhibited will open up more doors for me, to guide me to where I’m meant to go.

Ways of Being for 2017:

Ground ~ Spark ~ Choose ~ Heart ~ Manifest


Being grounded in who I am and what I desire will be key to moving through this year. This involves meditating on a regular basis, partaking in natural and nourishing foods and activities to keep my body in a strong state, being outside on a regular basis, and having realistic plans in place to move forward. Taking care of myself will be paramount this year to keep everything else grounded. As a Libra and air sign, I’m often floating off in the clouds and not very clear on what I want. By grounding more into myself and the world, my intentions will be rooted in reality so I can soar!


This involves following my inner spark, what brings me excitement and joy. Pursuing what makes me come alive. Allowing my true self to really shine–to be a spark and a light for others as much as possible. I feel like this is something I’m meant to do–to inspire others. I want to enliven the spark in me so it shows and directs others to find their own light within to let their own out as well.

We all have a light to share in this world, and I want to share mine more this year (again, a Marianne Williamson quote, haha). Time to follow my inspirations and creativity to where they want to go!

Also, this totally makes me think of Harry Potter (which I’m in the process of re-reading, because I’m in love with the magic of those stories) and JK Rowling. She knew she wanted to be a writer, and only a writer–she followed that and trusted it, and look where she is now!


Everything in my life is my choice–from my focus, emotions, thoughts, actions and reactions. I choose to take a more active and intentional part in driving my life, as opposed to letting someone else impose their beliefs and thoughts on what my life should be like.

I choose to be my best self. I choose to be fearless and fearlessly me. There is no plan B, only plan A–and I choose to honor what my soul wants as much as possible. I choose to grow and transform into the person I’m meant to be. In order to do so, I must ground into my self and follow the sparks within in order to make the strongest choice for me. We all can only look out for and choose for ourselves.

After all, if I don’t choose me, how can I expect someone (like, say,  future partner/lover/colleague/casting director) to choose me? Just saying…


And, this year, I also choose to act more from my heart. To tap into that truth that resides within me so I can share it, near and far and wherever you are (hehe). My heart is one of the things that makes me me, and in order to do that, it needs to be heard. This takes tuning inward to understand how I can best express the love within me to best serve myself and the world.

It’s in service that the heart can expand–but the heart must be taken care of in order to serve others. Through my heart, I hope to open up myself to have more love, compassion and understanding for the world and people around me. Choosing love–loving relationships, situations and environments that can breed more love, rather than negativity, hate or even indifference.

And love is love is love–always, to infinity and beyond. (I just know Woody had a thing for Buzz, guys…)


One of the things I love about this series of words that presented themselves to me as ways of being, is that they have a cohesive flow and order that lends themselves to work together–to come to manifest the life and the dreams that I’ve always wanted to come true. That’s where manifest comes in.

By grounding myself and my intentions, following my excitement (the spark!), choosing to be an active participant in my life, and trusting and acting from my heart… I can truly manifest the what I need in this life to be prosperous and successful–from abundance and support in all ways, opportunities to best support my dreams, the relationships I desire in my life, and enriching experiences. I’m already a pretty darn good manifester, but I’m ready to take that to the next level, more intention, love and oomph as I go through this year.

*   *   *

With setting these intentions and ways of being, I feel like it’s important to also have a focus.

Raise your hand if you feel like you love to do a lot of things and can’t ever decide which one to choose? That’s totally me, too. Like, horrendously. I love writing, I love music, I love acting, I love doing intuitive readings, editing–yada, yada, yada… These things are all great. But when my energy is trying to reach to try and do all of them, it’s rare that I’m able to sit and do one, maybe two! Then it feels like I’m spread too thin, exhausted and feeling like I’m not fulfilled in any one way. Jack of all trades, master of none, kind of thing.

So, this year, my focus will be pared down. Here are the goals that I’d love to focus most on–you’ll see which area I’ve chosen to pursue based on this list:

  • Take an on-camera acting course
  • Become SAG-Eligible (at least… and that’s Screen Actors Guild, in case you don’t know)
  • Book a major picture film role
  • Book a recurring, or at least a featured, character role in a TV series
  • Do a fitness photo shoot or film an exercise video
  • Understand and reveal more of who I am in order to make myself a better actor and person overall
  • And, honestly, make more singing videos to share with you all!

Those are the biggies, and I’m sure there will be mini-goals and stepping stones along the way. I intend on celebrating it all. If you can’t tell, film/TV will be my focus for the year–that’s what has been exciting me most and feels like the right direction! If it needs to shift, I’ll feel it, but right now and for the immediate future… it’s good to have a focus, and I’m glad something came through so strongly when I asked what it was I truly wanted in 2016.

Now it’s your turn! What are your intentions, themes, words, ways of being–anything you choose to set up your year–that you’ve selected to guide 2017? Share away in the comments!

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