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A First For Everything

Doing something for the first time has this special excitement surrounding it. Relief also comes with it as you finally get ‘er done. What I’ve learned is that you can’t expect the first time to be the best time. The first time is usually when you’re most nervous (if you get nervous), so it helps to have one such occa [...]

A Goal Changes Everything

I’ve never been much of a goal-setter. Growing up, I just preferred to do things as they came around. Sure, there were things I wanted, but I figured that they’d all work out in time. But sometimes… you can’t wait for time. At this point last year, I was in a job that I enjoyed but didn’t want to stay in forever [...]

The Not-So-Shiny New York

I have absolutely loved living in New York City so far. I mean, I’ve wanted to live here since I was 16, so getting here is a lot like coming home. I love the diversity and meeting new people, all the amazing restaurants I can try, the vibrant yet somehow small performing community, the auditioning life, the excitement, all the walking, [...]

I get to be Sleeping Beauty!

Only three weeks into my New York adventure… and I’ve been cast in a show! It only took three weeks. Sure, it’s not paid and the time commitment is minimal, but OH MY GOSH. I got cast in a play in New York, where I only know the teeniest, tiniest fraction of the entire city! To me, this is rather huge. Onto the details… [...]

Coming from Connections

When I first decided to that I wanted to take that big leap and move to NYC at the end of 2013, one thing scared the crap out of me: I thought I knew absolutely no one in this city. Because of that teensy-tiny little fact, I was a little worried about telling people my plans. I was jumping from a place I grew up with friends and family to a [...]

A 9/11 Tribute: Light Shining Through...

What was once so tall, so majestic… Standing as the towers to bridge the gaps on Earth. To the pile of rubble, of souls lost, caught in the crossfire of terrorism. To a beautiful cascade of purity, where you can witness the souls of those who perished in the walking water trails around a square–a square where a tower used to stand [...]

Seeing Once

“Once” was quite possibly the most unique and engaging theatre experience I’ve ever had. Also, quite possibly, one of the most wonderful productions I’ve seen. It was a completely random choice today to go see “Once.” Had a fun audition this morning and had a nasty itch to go see something afterward. An h [...]

Just Try

Well, I guess I’m in New York. Wait. Rewind. Remove the guess. I’m most definitely in New York City. Here to conquer the world of theatre, musicality and stage–one audition at a time! Muahahahahaha! Okay, I don’t think evil Disney villain voice really suits me. At least I can say I tried? Trying is basically what this [...]

Facing My Fears

Moving to New York doesn’t scare me. What scares me is that I’m also diving head first into being an entrepreneur, aka: working for myself, as a side gig. Why am I diving into being my own boss?  Because auditions and sometimes productions don’t work well with a 9-to-5 job. I don’t want to be stuck behind a desk while [...]

Acting Out

It was a sunny day, and the girls closest to my age were playing in the front yard. A new, older, very attractive man from South America was living with our babysitter at the time. He picked up little 7-year-old me from the driveway, and asked me my name (though I wish I could remember his name now). “Sandy Duncan!” I piped bright [...]

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