My name is Mikael Short, and my calling lies in storytelling… To discover, uncover and present the love, beauty and magic in all the things.

I’m an actress, singer and a writer–a storyteller through and through. I’m best at bringing stories to life, whether that’s through film, stage or the written word. And I’d love to help you bring your story to life.

Much like Alice, I love following my curiosity to wherever it may lead, because I may find myself in a new world with all kinds of fun people. Plus, when things don’t make much sense, that’s when I have the most fun. There’s always room for play!

Read on for more… Down the rabbit hole, we go!

My Work

AKA: My Passions, My Babies, and My Blood-Sweat-and-Tears

My lot in life is performance, so you’ll often find me on stages, if not singing in elevators and bathrooms. See what shows I have coming up here. I’ve performed all across the U.S. as a singer, actress and dancer. Right now, I’m based in NYC, doing stage productions as often as I can (booked back-to-back productions since arriving in 2014), participating in the occasional web series and singing all over town (the songbird in me never stops).

My favorite past roles include Doralee Rhodes (9 to 5: The Musical), Belva Bub/Wicked Witch (Wicked Wizard of Ahhs), Cat Whisperer (My Backyard), and Rapunzel (Into the Woods). To see my full resume & CV, click here.

In 2015, I released a novel, Crimson Oppression, which is available as an eBook here, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Also, I have a short story, The Guardian, available for free when you sign up for my A-List. At the moment, I’m writing the sequel for Crimson Oppression, and it’s perfectly thrilling!

I’m also a freelance writer and editor, as well as an intuitive empath that can pull messages and readings for you from the Universe. Want to work with me? Contact me here.

This is the neck of the woods where Alice really doesn’t know which way to turn. Thus, why I provide these signs to help you along. ;)



 In a World of My Own

AKA: My Mini Manifesto

alicemirror-quotesLet me tell you a little about me and the likes of which you’ll see here, in my own little Wonderland on the web:

In my world, randomly quoting movies and singing songs is totally a thing. But, if you don’t get my references, we can still be friends.
In my world, everything is connected, and connecting the dots is one of the funnest games to play.
In my world, there’s a reason for everything, even if it’s a lesson learned.
In my world, being present is essential to living within your truth.
In my world, silliness is not only allowed, but encouraged. Big time.
In my world, coffee and cookies are necessities.
In my world, there’s always a silver lining.
In my world, everything is magical and beautiful.

…Unless you’re a cockroach, then you can get the heck out, because I’m allergic to you and you’re not allowed in my Wonderland. I’ll still send you loving vibes though. #sorrynotsorry

You’ve made it all the way down the rabbit hole to explore my Wonderland! I hope the signage helps.

If you have any further questions or just want say “Too late to say goodbye; hello!” … then pop over to contact me here or just Tweet at me (the quickest way to reach me). I’m so tickled to hear from you!

*   *   *


Alice Photos by RaShea Drake
Misc. Photos from Unsplash