Acting Out

It was a sunny day, and the girls closest to my age were playing in the front yard. A new, older, very attractive man from South America was living with our babysitter at the time. He picked up little 7-year-old me from the driveway, and asked me my name (though I wish I could remember his name now). “Sandy Duncan!” I piped brightly, trying to channel someone new. Little boy-crazy Kel didn’t know how to react to men who looked like him yet (ahem, still in progress), so I decided to be someone else. Somehow I chose the name of a voice-over actress who happened to play in several of the movies I enjoyed at the time. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Sandy!” And he planted a kiss on my cheek. Pretty sure my face shone red for at least an hour and I was convinced he was my future husband. Is it weird that I still remember the feeling of his lips on my cheek? Sandy Duncan is not my name, nor would it ever be. But I never bothered to correct him when he would stop and say hi to “Sandy” whenever we’d cross paths at my babysitter’s house. Ever since I was a kid, I liked pretending to be someone else. Growing up, I don’t think I had any concept of self. Make believe and pretending were my very favorite things to do, especially if it involved me being someone, or something, different. Just some examples […]

Here I Come

*drumroll* Flashback to a girl with a song in her heartAs she’s waiting to start the adventure.The fire and drive that make dreams come alive…They fill her soul. She’s in control. Been high in the Rockies under the evergreens.But I know what I’m needing,And I don’t want to waste more time. The perfect time to run someplace else. I want to be part of something good. If that means goodbye, then I guess I should… I’ve studied all the pictures–in magazines and books. I memorized the subway map too… You certainly are different from what they have back home Where nothing’s over three stories high And no one’s in a hurry or wants to roam… But I do, though they wonder why. Start spreadin’ the news, I’m leavin’ today.I want to be a part of it! In New York–concrete jungle where dreams are made of– there’s nothing you can’t do. These streets will make you feel brand new.Big lights will inspire you. The drama, the laughter, the tears just like pearls–Well, they’re all in this girl’s repertoire.It’s all for the taking, and it’s magic we’ll be making;Let me be your star. If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere. They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway… Broadway, here I come. *   *   * That’s right! I’m making the big jump and I’m moving to New York to do the thing: audition for Broadway (and anything else I can get my little paws on)! I’m buying […]

20 Lessons from Sinus Surgery
I didn't learn I'm Batman unfortunately.

The beginning of July was also the beginning of a better nose for Miss Mikael. I learned a couple of months ago that I had a horribly deviated septum, so I signed right up to get it corrected as I also had chronic sinusitis and some breathing issues. When I told the doc I was a singer, he said it would be a “night and day difference.” So I did it. I got the surgery, and recovery is underway. Let’s just say I learned a lot over the course of the handful of days I spent cooped up on my grandparents’ lazy-boy. However, I did not learn that I was Batman (darn it!). Be forewarned… some of it isn’t really clean–it’s a little nasty and gross. I guess I’ll get those lessons out of the way first so we can end on the good stuff. ;) 1. Doctors who tell you everything are definitely the kinds you want… But can also slightly freak you out. 2. Just stop sticking things up your nose unless a doctor does it for you. Far too easy to mess it up up there. 3. Snot is not the grossest thing that can come out of your nose. Neither is blood. I don’t dare say anymore. You’ll be scarred. 4. If someone isn’t feeling well and is strung out on strong hospital medications, put a bucket or something close by them immediately… and definitely not a zip-lock bag that hasn’t been opened. I may not remember much from […]

Keep Going

When I decided to take the Holiday Council with Molly Mahar last winter, I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of it. I built up a plan, developed goals and an idea of what I’d like to do in 2014. Now that half the year is gone, I wanted to see what had changed or stayed the same. One thing from the program still stands out to me and has stuck with me ever since. That thing was a visualization exercise during one of our group calls with Molly. We were to project our minds to go visit our future selves exactly one year from the day. Now, mind you, I’ve never been a big visualizer of things like this, so this was new territory for me. And I got sucked in like you wouldn’t believe. I kept my eyes closed as we imagined ourselves floating out to outer space then zooming back in on ourselves one year in the future. I didn’t want to know where I’d be, I just hoped it wasn’t in Utah–so I kept my eyes tightly shut as I whizzed back down to Earth. I didn’t open my eyes until I was on the street next to an apartment building. Then I was inside where I would live. Future Mikael was in a clean apartment (a shock in itself), and she was sitting as though she had been waiting for me. She arose from the couch to walk toward me. She just looked at me and smiled before pulling […]

Reviews: Spring Awakening

Opening weekend of “Spring Awakening” is over; only two weeks of the run are left. But already we have rave reviews from Utah theatre groups. Check it out! Utah Theatre Bloggers – “I Believe” in Midvale Main St. Theatre’s Spring Awakening Overall, Midvale Main Street Theatre’s production of Spring Awakening does an excellent job of showcasing incredible triple-threat talent. While many may find that Spring Awakening’s strong adult content is a turn-off, others will be able to see why the show’s theme of the disconnect between unyielding parents and their teenagers’ ignorance of sexual matters is so important and relevant. Front Row Reviewers – Midvale Main Street’s Spring Awakening is Unashamedly Envigorating Everyone will find something that resonates within them regarding the struggle of these characters. You will be brought to the point of tears or goosebumps because of these actors and what they are sharing with you. Spring Awakening helps you realize the unashamed concerns of youth, and, as Melchior states, “Shame is nothing but a product of education.”  City Weekly – Theatre Review: Spring Awakening Spring Awakening hits on the important issues that are still relevant today–particularly in Utah. It holds a mirror up to the Utah standard of pushing sex education under the carpet because we want to keep our youth innocent from the world’s dangers. The production does an incredible job at presenting the variety of personalities that make up even the smallest small village. The Midvale Main Street Theatre puts on a booming performance that resonates with the audience with the music’s […]

How divorce affected me

There’s not much I remember before I was five aside from the scarce random memory or things I can recall from watching old family VHS tapes. However, when I was four, something happened that irrevocably changed my life. I came home from school one day and heard something in my parent’s room. When I looked in, I saw my mom crying on her bed. Something was wrong. I wanted to go to her, but I didn’t know what to do, so I went to my room instead and turned on my cassette tape player to play the “Beauty and the Beast” soundtrack. Within a couple of weeks, my mom, brother and I were sleeping in sleeping bags in our living room surrounded by dozens of cardboard boxes. We were going to live with my grandma since my dad left and my parents were getting a divorce. And it’s a topic that’s come up a lot lately for some reason. In a discussion with my grandma recently, she told me something that I didn’t remember. We were driving up in the mountains, and you kept asking where your dad was. I remember you sighing and saying, “I just want to see my daddy.” I was (and still am) a major daddy’s girl so I can see why I would have said that. I’m just stunned that I couldn’t remember that for myself, and my heart broke for the little girl that I was. She had no idea why her parents weren’t together […]

Be Yourself

One of my favorite things is that everyone is different and everyone has a different story. That’s what makes the world so fascinating. I love meeting a new person and seeing where they come from, what makes them them. I especially love when someone is unabashedly themselves to the point where a part of me is shocked at what I’m seeing, but at the same time admire them for their courage to own who they are. It’s like they aren’t afraid of judgement. And then I’m discouraged when people, especially teenagers, try so hard to be something they’re not in order to conform to what their friends or society wants them to be. I’ve found that doing that just makes one unhappy. Why not embrace the person and the oddities you have? As soon as I agreed to this #DoodleDream Blog Party for Jenipher Lyn’s new book, I stumbled across this great quote from an article on Tiny Buddha called “What It Means to Be Yourself and 3 Ways to Do It” – Our true self is who we really are when we let go of all of the stories, labels, and judgments that we have placed upon ourselves. It is who we naturally are without the masks and pretentiousness.   That’s it. Get rid of the masks. Get rid of expectations. Get rid of what you think you should be and just be who naturally are. A great way to recognize who you are is by looking inward. What kind […]

Taking Breaks

With all that I’ve been up to this year, I’m actually surprised by how much downtime I had up until when I moved a couple of weeks ago. Here’s what’s up: I finished editing my NaNoWriMo novel, got a cover photo shoot out of the way and just selected an editor to work with. I’m so excited to see this take off and be even better! I’ve worked on three shows since January (and it’s currently April… WHOA), which has cultivated some amazing friendships (thus why my social life hasn’t suffered). I built a website for my side voice-over business (whether that business is actually going anywhere yet is another story). And I have full-time job that actually has kept me quite busy with the transition of a new boss and time where I was between bosses (wait… that sounds weird). People have asked me how I’m managing to do all this, and my main answer is usually, “I make it a priority.” Or if someone asks why I’m not dating, I say, “That’s not a priority,” rather than I don’t have time. Lately I’ve learned that it’s not time management that needs addressing–it’s energy management. You can make time for whatever you want. It just depends on what you want to spend your energy on. One of the reasons I’ve been able to do so much so far this year is that I do my best to take the downtime I need to recharge. All I want to do when […]

Taking Baby Steps to Self-Publishing

Apparently, I haven’t been telling enough people that I wrote a novel and plan on self-publishing it. So guess what? I’m self-publishing a novel! Is that good enough for you now? Haha! Anyway, it’s the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo last year–Crimson Oppression. I built a Writer page to help have some more information on this, but I’m realizing that blogging my progress isn’t a bad idea. Every little bit of the process has been super exciting to me! I finished my first round of editing just a few weeks ago, and I’m currently in the market for an editor to help me fix any character development, plot holes, and to make the magic really seep through the pages in the right way so I don’t scare off readers. The one thing an editor won’t be able to do is to change my ending (fingers crossed). It’s a risky ending for any kind of story, but it’s the ending my main character has. But if it absolutely doesn’t work… then more work may need to be done. We’ll see what an editor thinks. :) The next step I took was a photo shoot today for a cover. I’ve had a photographer, RaShea Drake, lined up since the get go. Finding a model was the tricky part. My MC Cisandra has a very particular look that I was struggling to find. In steps fate… one of my buddies gave me a name of a girl who was looking for someone to take over […]

Review: Wicked Wizard of Ahhs

The OBT’s “Wizard of Ahhs” is Wicked Fun! by Cindy Whitehair & Perry Whitehair …the shows stars are, without a doubt, the dueling witches – Gwendolyn and Belva Bub.  Mikael Short was clearly having a blast channeling both her inner diva and her inner witch as Belva Bub.  Her “Kill The Girl” (to the tune of “I’m Not That Girl” from Wicked) was positively frightening.  Kris Cox (Gwendolyn) was the perfectly good foil to evil Belva Bub.  The highlight of the show was their first act close “Try Applying Vanity” (sung to “Defying Gravity” from Wicked).  They mastered the tight harmonies the song requires and the body language and eye contact made the relationship between the two characters real.  It truly was one of those moments that make a theater aficionado remember exactly WHY they love theater.     All in all, OBT’s Wicked Wizard of Ahhs is one of those shows that you go to when you need a good long belly laugh. I love reviewers that get out a review long before the end of a run… Thanks for coming and saying hi, Cindy and Perry! I did 9 to 5 with Perry and their son last summer. Such a great family. If you want to see a preview of Wicked Wizard of Ahhs, click here: Wicked Wizard of Ahhs Preview by Jackson Maestas.